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Monday, December 26, 2011

Michigan update gas leak

Ok, we know how they lie to us.  I have been on the phone so much first being a nice "girl" and then  blasting them with the facts.  Oh how did we do it 2004-2008 full time?  Breitburn Energy, anyone deal with them (used to be Quick Silver).  Oh how soon I forget, I start them with honey and them wham them with the truth and the facts.  The lies being told is unbelievable.
The Canadian Police was called  by the Sault (in the U.P.) and warned by Breitburn to expect calls of people complaining of 
natural gas leaks.  The H2S travelled farther than anyone imagined. I would say from Kalkaska to Petoskey up to the Mackinac Bridge, over to Cheboygan (me) and into Canada.  
An official admitted it.  Thank God for an insider. Have one in the hydrofracking too. We are dealing with Antrim fracking wells at the moment.
 Better put on my old sweatshirt worn in Lewiston, 'how can i live my dream when my life is a nightmare'.  Lots going on here in Northern Michigan and raising hell.   2 women hit with H2S watch out!! The TV stations are already downplaying it, as we expected, but we have the power of the internet and all you out there to give me the inspiration to give em heck.  I'm good at that.  Please keep Northern Michigan in your thoughts and ideas as my stroked brain isn't as up on it as I used to be.  
Just wanted to share our progress with a compression station that also has an injection well, had a leak in a new fault valve in the Antrim well,  the size of a quarter coming out at 600 psi for we claim, according to my physical symptoms, a lot longer than being admitted, imagine that.  
Ideas accepted.
Northern Michigan 

Story in Indiana too

This was in the news in Indiana. 

Failed valve responsible for Michigan natural gas leak

Failed valve responsible for Michigan natural gas leak

Holy crap. It was so much more than that! Good to have
people in the industry.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gas well leak creates foul odor

Gas well leak creates foul odor: If you noticed a rotten egg smell in the air Saturday morning, it was due to a natural gas leak in Crawford County.

It is confirmed, Breitburn (formerly Quick Silver) and the DEQ are idiots. No gas leak 1/4 " is going to smelled that bad across the State, downwind.
It had to be much more than a 1/4 inch leak. With the opening of the pipelines, Enbridge, recently, they don't care who they harm.

Call your emergency management people in Grayling especially and any other county affected which appears from the other story to be many.

Northern Michigan (yeah, you got Cheboygan too. Idiots.)

Michigan Gas Leak

Minor Gas Leak Cleared Up In Crawford County

This was NO minor leak. Read the comments to find out
how far this MINOR leak went.

My cohort is in trouble(healthwise) so I have to step up and do more fighting.
She has had to evacuate, permanently, and at her safe zone another Lewiston
person, not from her family, showed up at her bug out place too. They are
safe at this point. MARKWEST IS THE CAUSE and I will start dealing
with that on Monday, hit them in their pocketbook.
Those of you fighting the hydrofracking, I need your emotional support as
we have Antrim fracking and oil drilling, people don't realize hydrofracking
is the least of their problems. Loads and loads of high levels
H2S being trucked into the MarkWest 3-150,000 barrel tanks waiting to
go into the Enbridge pipeline.
At this time Enbridge has decided to open up some pipelines, literally and
leaving them open with sticks with lime green markers I've been told.
As ENBRIDGE is federally (haha) regulated they don't have to keep an eye
on how their pipelines are corroding. I've been told they are running a
"pig" through parts of the line (interesting) thus opening up the line to the air and anyone
who wants to see.

Those in Don't Frack Michigan and the watershed council you need to put this to the
forefront as many water sheds have been contaminated for years because of
these companies in the Lewiston/Gaylord and Northern Michigan. I will be
contacting some of you personally as I don't know who to trust anymore.

4 of us fought from 2004-2008 full time and backing off after that for various
reasons. My friend put her life on the line, as all of us has. She hever backed
down fighting for Lewiston despite the "crazy lady" stigma, as some of us know.
She sent us money to get our bathroom done so I could have a bathtub for my
physically therapy no questions asked, I needed help for my health, I had fought
hard and she wanted to help. She is my angel and saved my life many times.
I get so many emails or phone calls about people wanted information on how to
fight what this State and ...... is doing to them. It is heart breaking as all of us know.
So I'm going to try and step back up.

I think I know what plan of action but I could use suggestions.
Thomas, Dot and Lionel, it's De. Danny is real bad off.

Thank you for reading this and brain storming.

Northern Michigan

Friday, December 2, 2011

Where the water went????

Thanks Amy, I found this on Wikipedia.  Makes sense on where the water and whatever chemicals is going when it doesn't come back up.

Could this be an answer??

News about Northern Michigan

I received some information about Michigan from my contact. My computer had gone down so I couldn't pass it on when I said I would, here it is. 
Just the deep hydrofracking wells:
In Kalkaska, they were getting light oil with a lot of the water. In the Spring the company might do more on that well and possibly produce. Huh?
Now the disturbing fact and PA and NY read up::::::
In  Wolverine (small town),  all of a sudden "the drilling water they pumped down stopped coming back up. The workers felt like they were in a cavern.  In a well down the road water (and what else) was put down the hole and there was NO WATER being pumped up"  Activity on those wells has been halted I believe.  WHERE IS THE WATER GOING IF IT DOESN'T COME BACK UP?  They don't know why? hmmm, scary situation.
The 2 wells by Lake City are producing. None of this is verified except my source talks right with the guys on the rigs.
Northern Michigan