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Saturday, February 26, 2011

People in this Industry couldn't survive with what we put up with!

    Northern Michigan here again.  I just have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that something is not right.  It has to do with going by that smelly Halliburton, A1 and Waste Management places.  I wonder how many of their children are sick with sinus issues (I had 4 nasal surgeries due to the industry, H2S in particular), or "mommy my heart feels funny", or short term memory goes on a trip or "look mommy, tommy tripped again over nothing".  Do their spouses try to tell these people when their own children aren't feeling well?  Ever wonder why you feel like you have bought the pediatricians new addition with so many visits? 
    How many victims are there out there, needlessly suffering not knowing there are people like us fighting for people like them.   
      Has a person working in this industry had to bring their 18 year old son to the Emergency Room because his heart was racing towards 200 beats per minute?  Had their 18 year old, athletic son, look at you like the little boy you are seeing him as at that moment?  How you feel every cell in your body stop as they put in the drug to stop my son's heart for a second hoping it would go back into a normal rhythm instead of atrial fibrillation.  Seeing the fear in this childs eyes as I hung onto his hand and gave him all the strength I had as they had to stop his heart again because the first time didn't work.  To have him working so close to these emissions and my hands are tied.  I have educated my children and they know they dangers but have they ever had to experience what we all have had to?!  
   If they had they wouldn't be doing what they are doing now. Operating with no regard to people or environment.  
Damn you industry, DAMN YOU!!
Northern Michigan


Was going to visit the grandchildren for the birthdays and this is our experience going through rural Northern Michigan.
We went by Halliburton and the rotten eggs smell was so strong. My son (who works across the street) says it usually it blows towards Kalkaska. I hugged him and he smelled like rotten eggs. I told him he should leave his clothes outside and not expose his family to this.  He said I know mom.  It stunk from Halliburton to  their house 15 miles away.  On the way home it was from A1 Safety/Safety First /Waste Management yard to Halliburton (at least 2 miles a part.)  I guess I can't go down there for sure now.  I was so mad joe just let me vent and pretended I had fake things to throw Home Land Security, bite me! Now I can't see my young grandchildren play basketball or go to their dance recitals.  That industry just keeps taking, never giving back except with bad things!
Ok, guess I had a little vent left in me. 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Oil Relief,,,check this out!

Sulphur Creek in Capitol Reef National Park, Interactive VR Panorama

Just for relief, check out these pictures.

Oil spill cleanup continues in Oscoda County

Oil spill cleanup continues in Oscoda County

Strange thing, on the radio show we are listening to just mentioned this spill.
Host mentions the "secret" place in Oscoda county where they take the "sour crude".
He also said one show (he generally doesn't tackle oil and gas but he is mad) he
was going to up in a plane seeing thing we aren't supposed to be seeing in the forests
up here. I would guess it was the oil and gas industries wells, compressions
stations, trucks, the list goes on.
Here is my RECENT update as of 9:45 AM-County Road 487 or Mapes Road is
still closed. Heard some industry people tried to get close to this vehicle to see
what was being dealt with (I allege SOUR CRUDE) were stopped by the DEQ. They
weren't allowed near it. GOODBYE BIG CREEK.
The trucks can carry up to 15,000 and they has lost 3-5000? That is a lot of bad
Just saw someone that day in a doctors office and talking about Lewiston and my not
being able to come near it. She said "it stinks like rotten eggs over there". Oh really?

I allege that there are some sour wells in that area and I allege that truck was headed
to the Lewiston off loading station. If there has been no evacuations of this area, if there
is someone near there, that should be criminal.

Just my update from the inside.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bee in my Bonnet

Industry companies: You have no conscious or you wouldn't be putting these people you are making sick and running them from their homes. How do you look at your children and grandchildren and and KNOW you have threatened their lives. May you never know the pain, terrified feeling when you see a well going in  knowing they ARE NOT BEING REGULATED the way they are supposed to be. It's just a "job". Well, shove my bisquits in my oven and burn them!! Read between lines. 
You can't take anymore from me you have them all and my money.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hydrogen Sulfide in Foods |

Hydrogen Sulfide in Foods |

OMG, Hydrogen Sulfide is good for you? I didn't
know whether to laugh or cry.

What Are the Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas? |

What Are the Dangers of Hydrogen Sulfide Gas? |

Just check out this website

How to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide From Drinking Water |

How to Remove Hydrogen Sulfide From Drinking Water |

Interesting especially when the small northern michigan city I live in now admitted
in the paper there is H2S in the water. But nothing to worry about. Lucky for me when
I first moved in I had some H2S water detectors and it was positive but you
can't get people to see with something like that. PLEASE. Can I
just go up to head of this city and flick him?