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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be afraid, very afraid

I thought I would share what information received after being by evaluated by a specific machine that measures certain things going on in my body.
This is what I wanted to share in the gathering line this week. I would advise this for anyone to find out just what is in your body. I was quite surprised.
Here we go:
Should be 0 but if some shows then the guide is below 20 is mild and over 100 real concern.
128 Uranium
127 Aluminum-dry & brittle nails, bone &skin, dementia
223 Arsenic-impacts every organ and tissue to some degree
74 Cadmium-Boils, skin problems, sinus issues, abd. Pain,
heart palpitations, impaired digestion
132 Lead-infertility, memory&learning problems, neurological
problems,bone muscle and joint pain, irritability,
depression and fear, progressive muscular&heart problems
141 Mercury-thin hair, skin problems, mistrustful&fearful,
mood swings, visions problems, sinus & lung problems,
impaired immune function, poor gum and tooth health,
heavy periods and heavy sweating.
247 Petroleum derivatives
210 Bismuth

Normal 80-100, below 50 chronic, over 100 acute
150 Calcium (weak bones, nerves, adrenals, muscles)
167 Potassium (nerve, energy, heart, skin)
42 Sodium (aging, nerves, fatigue, digestion)
97 Chlorine (stomach acid, nerves, toxin release)
153 Magnesium (adrenals, muscles, oxygen, energy)
162 Iron (anemia, fatigue, oxygen, energy)
116 Sulphur (detox, energy, emotions, fertility)
108 Manganese (nerve & muscle disease, love)
116 Chromium (sugar regulation, muscle)
138 Zinc (immunity,oxygen, metabolic disease)
145 Selenium (detox, nerves, immune, skin)
115 Iodine (thyroid function, energy, metabolism)
110 Phosphorous (bone, brain, cells)
24 Boron (nerve regulation, dementia, depression
116 Molybedum (thyroid function, lactation, energy)
107 Silicon (bone, skin, nerves & brain function)
37 Copper (nerves, energy)
47 Phenylalanine
47 Cysteine
51 Tyrosine
45 Proline
Normal 80-100, below 50 chronic, over 100 acute
-2 Volt, reflects adrenal function and will power (I literally have no energy, gosh that answers my tiredness)
85 Amper, reflects brain function & related enzymatic
49 Resistance, reflects ease of flow of energy throughout
the body and immune system
71 Hydration, reflects ease of water flow in and out of
cells, thirst (I'm dehydrated)
78 Oxidation, reflects ease of slow of oxygen into cells

65-70 norm-below acid, above alkaline or potentially false
alkaline due to extreme toxicity

10 Proton pressure 66 is ideal
64 Electron pressure 67 is ideal
The great the point spread, the greater the challenge to heal

215 Major Resonant Frequency (Below 1000=risk degeneration,
above 10,000=nervous energy)
-1 Cellular vitality index (6+normal, below 3 chronic)

206 Reactance speed index, reflects how well the body is
recognizing imbalances & making corrections
(Below 15 ideal, below 40 norm, above 100 diseased/
degeneration states)

I could also go into the potential Vitamin concerns but email me and I will provide you with those.

The machine that was monitoring my brain activity had numerous areas of seizure activity and I wasn't feeling them. (which goes along with my 24 hr. EEG done in 2004) My foot jerked once, my little finger flinched and at times just staring. I would also stop breathing as the Dr. Was talking. When I am faced with chemicals I usually pass out or just stare blankly or my legs give out. Usually not knowing what is going on to cause this to happen.

Fungus in lungs and sinuses (no surprise there)
6th Cranial Nerve Stress
Organs showing potential imbalance:
Liver, Heart, Adrenals, Small intestine, Lung, immune, hormonal
thyroid and stomach.

I've lived away from Lewiston, Michigan for 4 years now. There is so much out there in the environment that those weak get hit with a lot of chemicals. More than we will ever know of. My point in sharing this with you all is to show you that yes, I have been chemically injured, both the medical and homeopathic community concur with that. So many others out there are sick and don't know why. It isn't in your head, chemicals are working away at your body. These figures don't lie. They would go along with sone of my hair testing and soil testing.(Thanks to others who donated to get the soil testing done!)
It is frightening to see what is still in my body and how ill I really am. I didn't realize how close to death I was until I was slapped across the face. Now is the fight of all fights. I intend on living a long time but if they try to draw those metals out of my body too fast that could kill me. We elected to try the nutritional way first.
Jaime Chimner
Northern Michigan
I would love to get others tested by starting a fund to be able to do that. These tests give you a baseline. The cost is $250 and would gladly take donations so others can get this test. It is up to you. MICHIGAN, WE GOT A PROBLEM GOING ON!!!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROTTEN EGGS!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

If only I had......over and over again

     I had the pleasure of speaking to Congressman Stupak at the conference call town hall meeting.
I am working on a letter to send to him regarding this whole mess we have here.  He has helped
us once before, time to step up to the plate again Bart.  He listens to you and seems down to earth
but then he leaves the room and he is a politician.  Can't trust em as far as you can throw them but
we need them and they need us.  We just have to remind them that they need us periodically. That isn't
even why I am blogging today.  Just popped up in the front of the brain and needed to come out first.
There are days like that.
     I am blogging about the stupidity of chemically injured people.  One in particular, me.  Some that may come as no surprise as I am my worst enemy.  Joe and I was watching and seeing what Great Lakes Boat was out there.  There was one we were keeping our eye on because it was right out our back door, so to speak, and hadn't moved for days.  In fact ice had formed around it.  Finally yesterday it was moving.  Yeah! Let's all go down to the public beach and watch the Coast Guard break the ice so they can come on in to Cheboygan!  Us and quite a few other people had the same idea.  They must have marine radio's too. 
     I saw it in the harbor and told Joe we had to go home and get the camera this was just so cool.  Now, I knew better but I have the fascination with the Great Lakes Boats now.  We got the camera and he drove me up to the gate across from the Boat.  The Boat was carrying gasoline for the big tanks kept in Cheboygan that vent
to the air. My husband reminded me of that and kept me upwind from the tanker and tanks.  I got some great pictures but my sinsuses were filling a bit swollen and I was getting hoarse.  Joe took me over the bridge so I could get a picture of it on the other side of the boat.  (which was downwind from the tanker and tanks)  I started having fuzzy vision and acting drunk Joe said.  That is what happens when exposed and people just think there are alot of drunks around.  Joe experienced a headache and some fogginess.  He was surprised that he had felt something.  He realized he shouldn't have brought me down there at all but I was insistent and we forget the dangers.
     For hours I could hardly move and my body hurt.  If only I had ignored my inner desire to see that Boat, but we want to be normal and I have to realize that I'm not. 
I hate this industry for its shoddy practices.  The thousands of people who have things wrong with them because of this industries shoddy practices and selfishness makes me want to puke.  Some days I do. 
Wanted to share my experience......we have to be aware of our surroundings and not ignore them. 
Jaime (Long) Chimner
Northern Michigan