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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Michigan's Collingwood/Utica Shale Mtg.

It has been a long 24 hours.  We went to the meeting put on by the Michigan State University Extension service.  My hubby and I and a friend put together 75 copies of information forwarded to me, thank you Lisa and Ogap.  Within 15 minutes we had given those out and there were at least 200 people there.  We don't have anyone helping me financially with the fight so we made the copies we could afford to.  Funny kinda, when I went to pick them up there was another woman there making copies of the The Nation article and gave me several copies of that.  Their story was about what had happened in Pennsylvania.  Nice to know someone else is out there.  
     There was the Department of Environmental Quality geologists there.  A lawyer was there, as well as the industry  ducking in the back.  5 years ago we would have never heard this.  They were telling the downside of signing these leases and how the companies can do things they shouldn't to get you to sign a lease and then changes things later.  People seemed hungry for information.  
I had to wear my face mask and I had 5 people ask me if I was wearing it for AFFECT.  I said I couldn't breathe the air without it..  Need to educate!!!
    Here is what was found out that someone might find of interest. Oh Texas, a rig is on its way to us here in Northern Michigan.  They are not a rig we would use up here.  Saying that.....listen to what the State is saying.....there are no rules on deep wells in this State.  The companies waiting don't know what to do.  That would mean to me that they will have free reign like all the others. 
   There are 8 geologists to inspect at least 1000 wells now (I say it is 5000 wells).  They are inspected 3 times a year (not true) . And this one could make your jaw drop-BLOW OUT PROTECTORS ARE TESTED 3 TIMES A DAY.  I have not seen a company that would do that.   The DNRE don't know how much treatment the product will need, there is the Fear Of The Unknown-right out of the DNRE's mouth (used to be DEQ).
   And this is good-the company has patented the fracking chemicals used so they don't have to tell us.  From the DNRE's mouths also.  So they are going to go ahead with this and don't have a clue.  Sounds right for Michigan.  
   The main players are ENCANA using leasing companies Mason Dixon, Energy West.  CHESAPEAKE using Western Land and OIL Niagaran services to get leases.  Continental isn't playing here anymore.
  Not only is the test well in Missaukee County but one in the Upper Peninsula at 1000 feet in Pickford.  
  I can't wait for hubby to get home from the meeting with Encana,  hey I had a way of getting into the private meeting.   I was so sick from last night. I had my mask on but standing outside with cars going by and standing on new asphalt put me into a crisis.  
That's what I have found out this week, looking forward to comments.  
(I seem to have something wrong with the blog that I'm working on trying to get rid of that cutsy thing.)  

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Health effects of the Gas/Oil Industry

I will be putting together a packet to give out to educate people. On what? The health effects of the oil and gas industry can have on your health. I know there is at least one company I've heard going door to door asking for people to sign their mineral rights to them to drill. People must not have learned too much from the Gulf disaster as that can happen here, in our backyard, literally. They have inundated the middle of Northern Michigan and with the discovery of the Collinwood and Utica Shale, there will be another oil and gas boom. More sick people. Stayed tuned while I get my stuff out there AND SHARE IT PLEASE!!!


The picture above shows part of the new air infiltration system he came up with to keep as many chemicals from the outside away from my air. There is a powerful vacuum that has since been attached and it does a great job on a "bad" day. Check it out.

Oil and Gas in Northern Michigan: Recent State Land Auction

Oil and Gas in Northern Michigan: Recent State Land Auction

Recent State Land Auction

Look at Charlevoix at the upper West of Northern Michigan. They sure auctioned alot of land in that area. Those poor people. I will be alerting you to the different health issues from the oil and gas industry.
Here is a website showing what they auctioned off and the $178 million the State of Michigan got off the selling of state land mineral rights.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Health of the Oil and Gas

I received an email from one of my cohorts when we were fighting so hard for years and he sums it up
"People are finally beginning to understand the health hazards connected to the oil and gas industry. We knew this before a lot of others. I was surprised to see the link containing the ABC clip dealing with this issue. It is telling people what we knew all along. I really think that we and others like us around the country started a rolling snowball so to speak that will hopefully turn into an avalanche of people coming forward with information so that this will help educate people AND doctors to the seriousness of this issue. Those who called us crazy will maybe stop and think, "maybe they were right and maybe we should have listened to what they were saying all along." John K.

We need to educate, educate, educate. I have always said I am the health portion of this group. Well, I am up and slowly walking, lol, and working on it. God shows us our way in mysterious ways.
Jaime Chimner
Northern Michigan

The myth of a “safe place”

The myth of a “safe place”

Always trying to find my safe place but have to just control what I can in what I have to
work with. Though after my recent hospitalization, asthma excerbated by environmental
issues and stopped breathing, I don't know anymore. So much for "retiring" because this is
the perfect time to get the health issue out there. Those poor people in the Gulf region or anyone
suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.
I will continue to educate people, as that must be my direction is life. God has opened the door
and educating people of all these chemicals, whether it be on the internet or in person, I have to do this!
I guess I'm back though I didn't go very far.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BP Death Clouds Already Onshore! Benzene-3400ppb & Hyrdrogen Sulfide-120...

YES!!!! There are health effects people!!!! I know first hand as I was exposed to hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell).
Life gone.