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Monday, August 30, 2010


Here is a website if you didn't get it before about Michigan

Thought I would share my stupidity.
I went snorkeling in the local water, well.... Lake Huron.  Knew this might cause me a problem but I really wanted to do it. It's on my bucket list-things you want to do before you die (it was a movie).   Put on my wet suit (made of material I shouldn't have been wearing) put that plastic mask on my face and snorkel in my mouth.  Hubby Joe told me to get down in the 2 feet water, spit in my mask (yuk) then rinse it out and it won't fog up.  It worked but yuk lol.   
    It was so neat to see underwater like that, staring eye to eye with a gobe (not sure of the spelling) but it is an intrusive species in the lakes.  
     The area was an old saw mill, ohoh, and lots of coal bearied in the bed, ohohoh.  So far so good. back out of the lake and noticed a browish, reddish water coming off of something we had.  Figured it was his leather shoes (yes he wore them in the water).  Come to find out a morning later it was my hair color that came out of my hair.  
     The darn Great Lakes water took the color out of my hair (never mind that I colored my hair as organically as I could a couple months back!).
    My desire to want to be "normal" didn't pan out so well.  Skip to next morning:  burning skin, all my muscles hurt and that grey hair I was trying to hide.
    Now my thought is what the heck is in the water and darn that water for me not having a "normal" moment.  
So, word to the wise, think twice before you swim in the Great Lakes with colored hair and chemically sensitive.   

Monday, August 2, 2010

It's a busy day it appears.   I had an jaw dropping experience.  One of my doctors just called me.  Yesterday there was a Tugboat that had sunk in the Bay in Cheboygan.  They had a rather large diesel spill.  We had gone past it and the smell was very strong.  There was a boom around the spill.  
This morning my doctor calls me to see how I was doing.  She had heard of the spill and wanted to make sure I was doing ok.  She asked if we could leave the area for a couple days, which we can't afford to. I assured her I was staying inside with our air conditioner and air filtration system.  How many doctors or health care professionals call their patients at home when they hear of a situation that could have put their patient in harms way?   
I am astounded and so grateful!
Thought I would share that.  
Northern Michigan

Michigan Wells-What are they thinking?

The reason that they are going to be putting in these wells in the collingwood/utica shale up here (in the upper part of the the Lower peninsula also know as Northern Michigan)  is that they don't have to drill down as far.  Maybe about 4000 feet because of a possible bubble.   Only 4000 feet????    There is a  pipeline fairly close so they don't have to run much pipe to run into the big pipeline.  Now if they are fracking at  this level, at high pressure, when it is normally around 9,000 feet, what will happen to that pipeline and our water aquifiers?  Will we feel it on the surface?  Geez o petes what the heck are we doing?  Charlevoix and Cheboygan counties will be hit hard with these wells.  Remember, there are no regulations in place for these types of wells in this State.  From a DNRE officials mouth, they aren't sure what is going to happen.
We have someone keeping an eye on these kinds of things and progresses.   
I understand that for the well in Wolverine, Michigan was told they couldn't use "our"water so they are also drilling their own water well.  I have a feeling that water well might be near where they will be drilling and thus fracking??   See a problem in any of this?????
I see a problem.....
Jaime Long Chimner
Cheboygan, Mi


Wow, thanks Josh for inviting us to speak after the Gasland filming at the Traverse City Festival (In Northern Michigan).  
There was a large crowd for the second showing in the festival and the q&a period after was great.  It was so nice to meet people who were doing the same fight we were.  
Joe and I made it.  I got to give a short talk (ok, I talked alittle more LOL) and I was trying to hold myself up on the stage that I hope I sounded ok.  Being in my RED ZONE I was feeling it physically but educating people on the oil and gas industry was more important than my aches and pains right then. 
We felt like VIP's and Josh and his friend are so down to earth.  We felt comfortable and with kindred spirits.  Looking forward to seeing Josh possibly in Sept. and will continue to educate!   TX Sharon even got a plug-you are great Sharon, everyone keep up the pace.  
I am pumped up.  I needed it.