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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Health of the Oil and Gas

I just found out yesterday that two people I knew in Lewiston have died. More death. All around my age, 52 or younger. One even moved away from Lewiston but once you live by a "bad" well, you fate has been sealed eventually and that is so sad.
We have to keep harping about the health issues or any education about what this industry has done to our (and will do ) countryside and cities. My "tourist town" is no longer. It is an Oil and Gas town. I can't go near there for the chemicals but my sources still trapped there see it. People want that money or as my friends, they don't have the money to get out. Who can sell their homes in my area of Michigan, not many. I was lucky, I got out before things seemed to not be selling. I lost money but I would be dead if I hadn't left. That's a fact.
Educate, Educate, look at your surroundings and just keep learning from what others have gong through.
We have a death list, when we had a documentary made and then the documentarist disappeared but strangly is My Space friend, and it is so large. THOSE IN OTHER STATES THINKING ABOUT LETTING GAS AND OIL IN. THEY LIE AND WHAT WILL "ALL THAT MONEY" SHOW YOU WHEN YOU ARE TOO SICK TO ENJOY IT. Unfortunately, I lost everything, my family turned their back on me and live a life of poverty. It wasn't supposed to be this way.
I've been told I am tough. When you are fighting to live life as long as possible then I guess I am tough. Some days I just want to throw in the towel as people around Northern Michigan aren't ones to want to hear what is going on. That is getting better but it is too late for some. I try and stay positive so on a positive note, go up to a stranger and see how they feel.

I feel strongly that by just telling out stories, people have to see something isn't right. Being high on the health affects as I am so affected, I had another chemically related reaction. I have been so chemically injured that breathing something as mild as lavender essential oil can cause my muscles to freeze up and unable to move. I had gotten bursitis in my knees because my new husband is remodeling the house to make it safe for me to live in it. I had my mask on as he was putting a door into an addition. I reacted to the blown in paper insulation that was between the buildings. I immediately couldn't walk.
The pain was so severe that after 3 days I had to do something. My arthritis dr. had to inject steriods into my knees that had never been done before. I knew I would react to the Lidocaine because I had before. But the pain was so severe I wanted relief.(We try alot of natural remedies first) I wasn't out the door when all my muscles froze up and my husband drove us very quickly as we lived an hour away. I had what I needed at home to correct the reaction but it was a long hour home.
I had gone to a Naturapath Dr. recently and left the results on the blog but forgot to mention how she came up with all the metal count in my body. Will have to email that because I can't reach it at the moment.
Long story, sorry, but some days are even longer.....Thanks to this group and those making documentaries and talking to people. Keep up the good work for those in this nightmare of a "fight".

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happening in Texas as it is in MICHIGA

Courtesy of the Oil and Gas Accountability Project-OGAP-who helped us immensely here in Northern Michigan. I encourage you to join and get this book in its entirity. Check out their web site
Oil and Gas at Your Door

2005 Landowner Guide Cover
Oil and Gas at Your Door Cover

* download the entire book or individual chapters
* order a copy

Several years ago, OGAP recognized the need to produce a comprehensive guidebook for landowners who are being confronted with oil and gas development.

In 2004, the first edition of Oil and Gas at Your Door? was published. Within 7 months we had distributed more than 1500 copies to landowners, citizens' groups, government employees, ranchers, hunters, anglers, industry representatives, academics, libraries, and media representatives from across the U.S., Canada, and several other countries.

In 2005, we updated the guide, and published our the second edition of Oil and Gas at Your Door?

Download the entire landowner guide, or individual chapters

Oil and Gas at Your Door (entire book)

Table of Contents and Introduction
Chapter 1. Oil and Gas Development and Impacts
Chapter 2. Legal and Regulatory Issues
Chapter 3. Tips for Landowners
Chapter 4. Landowner Stories
Chapter 5. Sources of Information
Glossary of Terms

Order a hard copy of the landowner guide

To receive a copy by mail, call OGAP: 970-259-3353.

Landowner guides are free to OGAP members, and $10 for non-members.

If you already own a copy of the original 2004 landowner guide, the Updates to the 2004 Edition are available in an easily downloadable format. We would prefer that you download these updates rather than order a 2005 guide, as we would like to reserve the new guides for those landowners who do not yet own their own copy.

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