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Monday, September 27, 2010

Feel Vindicated

To those of who are told "it is in your head" is what my doctor, Ears Nose and Throat specialist (i had been having problems with my vocal cords swelling and I can't breath) said I was diagnosed with  hypersensitive vocal cords to bug bites or environmental pollutants.  I could be hoarse as a clue to an allergen is around or if my vocal cord swells, thus the funny sound, I am unable to control it as that point. I would need Emergency Room Care per the doctor at that point. 
I feel vindicated at being it called psychological.  That just shows how much education needs to be done up here, especially the medical profession.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


Puttzing around, feeling good and then the scanner went off.  "They were taking a man and meeting "them" at the gate of the oil rig." Man hit in the head with a pipe and felt bad.
Guess who's rigs it was?   The new wells they are drilling which is 24.8 miles from me (not as the crow flies) and 3.8 miles from the center of a small village of Indian River.  Rig #4.  I know of three now but where is that fourth one.  I know where it is and I can't even go near it.  It is about 50 miles from here.  (Rig #3)
MY POINT IS NO REGULATIONS WITH THESE RIGS, a man is hurt, who knows what will happen if this well explodes? Will take out a lot of people living nearby.
Will the DNRE, Dept. of Environmental Quality  it used to be called, be there to inspect why the accident happened and monitor the surroundings?  My guess, NO.  They may come sniff with their noses as the Air Quality man told me 2 weeks ago.
  As a former EMT I know that you don't move somone with blunt trauma to the head.  What did they not want people to see is my question?
That Bible Verse in front of the driveway isn't helping them much now is it?
Northern Michigan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

County gets DNRE Response - Cheboygan, MI - Cheboygan Daily Tribune

County gets DNRE Response - Cheboygan, MI - Cheboygan Daily Tribune

Unfortunately you have to purchase a subscription to know the rest of the story.
Basically the DNRE states that they have enough man power to handle these wells.
Which I am sure is a bunch of banana's. From Alan mouth in a conversation
I had with a while back (DNRE air quality division), they don't have enough people to check all these wells.

That was another story on the front page. We receive the paper from sources and
I had to share these stories with you.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jaime in Michigan News

Hi Sharon,
It is actually my current husband who was on the freighters hauling that for 32 years.  He thankfully retired right before he had to go back, partly because of me after all I have told him and what he has seen what I have to go through. 
Might as well write  my blog here now, just, oh I don't know how I feel.  Actually 2 things happened.
   The ENT said that with my exposure that he doesn't know why my vocal cords are closing off and stridoring but it is from the exposure.  He said to talk real low when it happens but I can't even swallow so that went out the window.  ER's are my future and they suck. 
I believe in people getting their medical records.
THEN,  I got my ER reports yesterday.  I never had this happen before June with my throat stridoring or whatever it does.  The ER DR. and NURSE had the nerve to say it was in my head in my records.   IN MY HEAD.   The head ER Dr. said there was no way a person could be allergic to 17 medications and have to wear that "silly mask". Couldn't believe my allergy testing (I carry part of my medical history with me because since stroke short term memory sucks) and he thought I was making it all up. I guess I forged the doctors and nurses names too OH!!!!!  My own new Internal Medicine Dr. can't believe this has happened to someone(chemical exposure.) ( I found a nurse practioner who called me at home at 8 am when she heard we had a diesel spill in the bay by our house just to make sure I was ok. I think I should stick with her.)  
Have they not seen the news and the levels they report in the Gulf Area?    Oh I was livid.  But we all are probably used to hearing it's in your head, I know we have, but I did have educated dr's until I had to move.   I went right up to that hospital with my book and a handout and told the head of the ER, very diplomatically (but wanted to slap her) that they had better educate themselves because there are more people coming like me and they are out there especially with more wells coming near our small town.
THEN, we were picking grapes to get me out of the house Sunday and I got bit by something, didn't think anything of it because I was having such a fun time with Joe.  I can't even imitate the sound (stridor) but we both heard it and he got me to the car, we were in the boonies and I pulled out the Epi pen, I've never used, and my husband did it like a pro.  My cell phone was almost dead but he got thru to 911 and some Paramedic met us on the road and thank god had O2 and had an IV started before the Ambulance found us.  Wheezes in all lungs fields after they opened me up (my dr. claims I don't have asthma I've had since 21 and I'm 53.)  Come to find out after I got my medical records, I have lung scarring and some mass in my vocal cord area but I was told nothing was wrong since June. I have some abnormal blood tests, high CO2 levels but" NOTHING IS WRONG"
"but here are your steriods and don't hesitate to come back if you get worse"
Sharon, Sharon, Annie, Amy, Dot,  all of you, Gasland has to OPEN here soon.  I have Split Estate but I don't have the strength to put it on  but hoping GASLAND opens soon. 
These ignorant people, not stupid, but ignorant, have to be educated and I have been doing it wherever I go. 
I now this is long but making it the short version.
My sister lives near where the explosion was, I think, as my family disowned me when I became sick, so I pray they weren't that close. As we all know it could happen anywhere with all the old pipelines all over.  
 Joe says I must be a strong woman to keep going no matter what the medical profession says but I don't feel so strong at the moment.  I think of all the others out there worse off or just beginning this horrible journey.  I guess that keeps me going. Educate
There, that was what I was going to Blog but a little longer than I planned.  If it wasn't for ALL of you and your news and encouragement I don't know.....(will copy to my blog) Thanks Sharon, thank you
jaime chimner
Cheboygan, Michigan
Near the Mackinac Bridge
Atop the Niagaran, Antrim, Collingwood and Utica Shales. 
"Be the change that you want to see in the world"  Mahatma Ghandi
I blog at  & myspace/

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From: Sharon Ward
Subject: Fwd: Coal ash connection to gas drilling
To: "Jaime"
Date: Friday, September 10, 2010, 4:36 PM

  Read about your husband and coal, I went to the
coal ash/EPA meeting in Dallas Wed. Heart breaking
testifying from OK victims. So I googled MMHF as
I couldn't believe that name. Check out these links.
I haven't got to what your Dr. said yet, but it can't be good.
Your Friend,
Sharon Ward
(Ward in the Woods)
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From: Sharon Ward <>
Date: Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 3:22 PM
Subject: Re: Coal ash connection to gas drilling

Yep, They are Making Money Having Fun
And the rest of us are dying.
I sent  this and EPA chemical (she posted on that) also WY being the
first to disclose. Maybe she hasn't had time yet.
OMG did you see the gas explosion in CA?
Between that (big Nat'l coverage) and BP hopefully
the positive outcome will be more environmental interest.
On Fri, Sep 10, 2010 at 2:24 PM, <> wrote:

Burnt coal waste and oil and gas waste together--they have themselves quite a deal going!!  Terrible.
may want to send this to TxSharon for posting.
In a message dated 9/10/2010 1:30:41 P.M. Central Daylight Time, writes:

Hi all,
  Sending 2 important links,some of you may have already seen one
of them.
Yes, Making Money Having Fun  is the REAL name of their
fly ash/waste disposal pit, check it out.

Thursday, September 2, 2010