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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Update on those Flares.     After conversing with Dave Lawrence (DEQ official) , De, my cohort in this nightmare found out that they had  a permit for 30 days to flare the 3 flares.  ONE well needs 3 flares. It would appear as said yesterday they drilled the well, found so much hydrogen sulfide (H2S) that they couldn't just cap it, it was so HOT and of course SOUR according to Mr. Lawrence.  They are hoping, HOPING, to flare enough out so they can cap it.  UMMMM Wouldn't there still be H2S there and maybe in my opinion blow?  CORE Energy is with those wells, the other company owns the property nearby.  NO ONE WAS TOLD THIS WOULD BE HAPPENING after asking Mr. Lawrence if those around that sour well was told of the dangers of the chemicals.  No, well maybe the company did, I will find out lives around those and try and make contact.
The people living near there or in general should have been informed that there was a hazard of a dangerously, toxic, chemical being "flared".  Nope, not a word.   

Mr. Lawrence seemed new to the job and seemed eager to keep the lines of communication open.  ANYONE who has any problems, especially with that well with the flares, please contact him directly at 989-705-3419.  He has young children and wants to learn all he can about hydrogen sulfide and sulfur dioxide.  He also said  there was a possibility that the permit which ends July 12 could be extended another 30 days but he wanted me to know that that wasn't a given.  The more he is hearing from me and De the more he is learning the dangers of H2S.   Well, I told him I would give him the benefit of the doubt, for now, and take his word of wanting to help people.  But I'm watching and he knows it and after dealing with me and De all morning he was saying it was a long day already at noon.  
There is your update.  

Monday, June 25, 2012


I'm spitting nails! My cohort if fighting the Antrim Fracking wells (1000's of them and gas wells) just called. Those in the Lake Louise area on M-32
God help you. There is a natural gas well near Paul's Pub and Lake Louise, going by Johannesburg-Lewiston High School that has 3 YES THREE Flares going, they are burning HOT. One Flare is higher than the others. WHY? Owned by Core  Energy, there is too much H2S, hydrogen Sulfide and they are trying to get it contained so they can cap it. If they are burning 3 Flares producing then Sulfur Dioxide, just as lethal as H2S
Get the hell out.
One girl came up to my cohort and said they should have listened to us years ago. One girl was driving by it and a Beckman Truck was pulling out and this poor girl became ill, she was afraid she wouldn't make it home. Sucks the O2 out of the air, I've had that happen. 
There are going to be more people SICKENED because of this. Another girl called her relatives in Florida crying because her family was ...becoming so ill from the flares. As I was told THE INDUSTRY HAS OPENED UP SATAN'S HOLE.The DEQ and the Company doing this have no morals and Feel free to call Dave Lawrence at the Dept. of Environmental Quality (yeah right) at 989-705-3405 and give him your feelings of your health concerns or any concerns on the well they were expecting to be Natural Gas and turned out to be Oil, a Sour Well. Yes. Those poor people, especially the children. MEDICAL COMMUNITY GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER THERE ARE MORE OF ME COMING YOUR WAY. Damn!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Looking for Environmental Doctor????

Can anyone direct me for an environmental doctor who actually knows about what oil and gas can do to someone.  My medical care has severly lacked since moving.  Educating the medical community about hydrogen sulfide or H2S and all those other  chemicals and how sensitive I am is discouraging but I will always try.  I live in Northern Michigan near the bridge.  Can anyone give me names?  Help??