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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


That loud noise that has been heard in Florida and other states was heard here in Northern Michigan today about 11:30 am EST.  My husband said it sounded like a very loud jet engine but couldn't find where it was coming from. It is a small town and a puny airport and little industry.  Just a small town on Lake Huron.  Strange. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follow Radiation map! Get prepared!

Follow this link. It is in a different language but the pictures are what you want to look at that shows the radiation and it coming our way. Potassium Iodate or Potassium iodine, if you can find it (besides on ebay for $1000- someone should say something that is terrible!)
I hope this helps.

Northern Michigan

Monday, March 14, 2011

A major diversion from Gas/Oil

Diverting from the oil and gas catastrophe in itself is the Japan disaster.  My husband keeps tabs on what is going on not in the mainstream media.  Here is an article written by one of those and I wanted to share it because this will affect all of us.  If something were to happen here imagine all those gas and oil wells exploding when broken apart by an earth quake. (If you want the website I email me)
Just wanted to share this article with you and keep informed.  Also Potassium Iodate or Iodine is nice to have on those days when nuclear fallout is above you......(it protects your thyroid).  Take what you may from it and back to oil and gas, it still stinks!

Stay Safe
Northern Michigan

Reactor 1 and 3 exploded. Reactor 3 was burning MOX fuel which is a VERY radioactive fuel when used.

MOX is bad because it will burn hotter then regular uranium. This was warned to be a bad fuel IF the plant were to come close to meltdown. Basically a MOX burning plant will meltdown sooner, easier. It will also push much more radiation into the air. More on that in a minute...

A hydrogen explosion has been confirmed at reactor #3, the MOX burning reactor. The hydrogen was created when the fuel rods are above water and interact with steam. If the hydrogen explodes then the rods that made the hydrogen are also exposed to the atmosphere. The shields are blown wide open now.

First off, this means a lot of radiation is being ejected from the plant and will poison many in the direct vicinity and those down winds. And if this isn't bad enough, it gets worse, WAY WORSE!!!

MOX naturally burns hotter. When the meltdown fuel rods receive fresh oxygen it begins to burn even hotter. And when I say burn, I mean the fission process. Normal Uranium Fuel will begin the "China Syndrome" when mixed with fresh oxygen.

The China Syndrome is when the core and everything around it melts into a super hot blob. The ground melts away and the blob sinks into the Earth. It would continue all the way to the core but it won't. It will hit a water table eventually. And when it does.......KABOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!!!!

The instant steam bomb mixed with used and unused MOX fuel will travel up the carved tube to the surface. Nothing man made will hold this back. It will eject this super heated steam far into the atmosphere where the steam will flash freeze and form radioactive clouds really high up. These clouds will be caught up by the Jet Stream. Which happens to be directly over head of the reactor.

So, this is it people. Earth is not looking good! Let's pray to God someone finds a way to prevent the China Syndrome or else........................all that radiation will soon be in the upper atmosphere to circle the Earth in days.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oil Spill from Feb. 16, 2011 Michigan

This 3-4000 gallons of crude oil was spilled Feb. 16, 2011 and the road is still closed. Found this site and when you go to Michigan and hit the red circle in northern michigan you will see where the spill is.  I was told it was on "deadman's curve" but zero in and there is no curve there and area still closed. Hmmmmmmmmm (well sight? compression station?) 
P.S. The mole for our little group says it said in the local paper that they had hauled truck loads of the contamination to the Atlanta (yes we have one too Georgia) Michigan landfill.  Atlanta is a tiny town in the middle of no where.  I was told that the landfill has made $32,000 already from this haz mat situation. 
Huh, sound proud of themselves. 
Northern Michigan

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


couldn't find anything on this in
makes sense to me.........

Let it air out first…………
You may already know this...I didn't, sometimes I leave the window closed as I turn on the air....I thought the heat was just a feeling of discomfort, not danger!
Take into account!  
A car parked in the shade during the day with the windows closed may contain of 400-800 mg. of benzene. If parked outside, in the sun, at a temperature above 16 ° c, the level of benzene will rise to 2000-4000 mg. 40 times the acceptable level...Benzene is a toxin that affects the kidney and liver. What is worse, it is extremely difficult for the body to expel this toxic substance.                           
People that get into their car leaving the windows shut will inevitably breathe in excessive amounts of the toxin in quick succession.
 The driver’s manual indicates that before one turns on the air conditioning, one should open the window for a few minutes, but the manual does not specify “why",   only that it is for the vehicle’s "best performance".                       
The medical reason: 
According to a study, by turning the air on to cool the interior of the car with the windows closed, the cool air sends all the hot air from the hot plastic ducts which emit the benzene, a toxin which causes types of cancer, into the interior of the car, where we sit.  It takes time to notice the smell of the hot plastic.  This is the importance of opening the windows for a few minutes when one turns on the ignition while inside the car.  
Do not turn the air conditioner on immediately after entering the hot car. You must first open the windows and after a time switch on the air conditioner and keep windows open for a few minutes.  
In addition to causing cancer, benzene poisons affect your bones, causes anemia and reduces white blood cells. Prolonged exposure may also cause leukemia, increasing the risk of cancer.
So friends, please enter in the car and leave the windows open to allow time for the indoor air to be expelled along with the deadly toxin.
"When someone shares something valuable that is beneficial to others, it is the moral obligation to share the information with others."