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Monday, December 20, 2010

Interesting info, our medical records are not safe, no surprise do they keep track of our medical conditions...nothing is confidential anymore...Off the Homeland site. They just needed a reason to have a "do not board" list. 
How do we know if we are on that list when we make a reservation??

20. December 17, USA Today – (National) Loopholes in ‘Do Not Board’ list let infected
travelers fly. A federal “Do Not Board” list failed at least three times this year to stop
travelers with serious, infectious diseases from taking commercial flights, according to
information obtained by congressional investigators. Although the “Do Not Board” list
is separate from the terrorism “No Fly” list, its purpose is similar: to keep those who
might pose a threat to travelers from flying. Its success, however, appears to be limited.
From January 2009 until August 2010, nine infectious people on the list tried to board
flights, according to information the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
provided to Republican staff on the House Energy and Commerce committee. The list
proved successful in stopping six of them — including a traveler who was denied
boarding three times last December in California in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and
San Diego. The list failed to stop three others. The CDC said no one was sickened by
the three travelers, and a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spokesman said
the loopholes that allowed them to travel have been fixed. The “Do Not Board” list was
created in June 2007 after an Atlanta, Georgia man with drug-resistant tuberculosis
eluded federal authorities and set off an international health scare flying back to the
United States from his wedding in Europe.

Interesting Link

Found an interesting website off the Homeland Security site and it tells robberies, industrial spills, very interesting. Even oil and gas activity.  
Having lived in Pennsylvania, actually for a year and then my mom died of a fast, rare, cancer, my heart goes out to all of you but Pennsylvania has a special place.


After getting hit twice by, well, we all probably know whom that might be, and two major renovations to the computer and hundreds of dollars later, WE ARE BACK ON LINE! 
Love the virus's (sarcasm) but here we are.  

Lots of emails to check out.
Glad you are all still out there!
Northern Michigan

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Metal in Bedrooms Health Tip

Metal in Bedrooms Health Tip

Very interesting read


Yes it is another day.  4 days later I can finally move around without crying in pain. 
    There are so many of us out there suffering from the same maladies as I.  I will come right out and say the oil and gas industry destroyed my health.  Having lost a (ex) husband to this and fortunately stayed friends, because when I am unable to move from the pain, he can visit and leave it behind him.  My joe has his way of dealing with my bad days, he goes to coffee with his buddy. 
   A local woman asked me why my story isn't in the newspaper, locally.  Well, years ago as in 2004 starting, we were in local papers, regional local television as stories, we even had the Associated Press do a story as well as numerous contacts that led no where. We have been in the press, but at a time when it wasn't well know as it is due to the Gulf spill. We had the EPA in our little town, Senator Stabenow, Rep. Stapak and many other governments agencies and here we are, telling them what are in chemicals and how toxic they can be.  Go figure.   
   I think back to the initial gas/oil exposure with the plume of hydrogen sulfide flowing freely over my town, quickly hitting the ground, as it was heavier than air.  None of us had a clue what the heck to do.  Yeah, I lost my family to ignorance and judging.  In these things we don't even understand what is happening to us.  We just know we are sick and feel better away from our homes. We lost everything as so many have but we survive monetary as best we can.  
 That seems a lifetime ago but then I wake up as I did a couple days ago and I remember the nightmare will never go away.  It just gives a reprieve. 
   Thank you to those few friends who understand the suffering we go through and accept me as I am.
Thanks.  So, staying clear of massages and pray for all of us. 
p.s. one good news is all the State land they just auctioned off didn't have as much interest.  I wish for Pennsylvania it would go away.  We still have the oil wells and antrim  gas wells by thousands so hope they back off.  
That is all I know from Northern Michigan.  Joe found a place that listed all the spills around the country I think.  Will have to go home and ask him and post it for you. Interesting. (At library as computer caputted  again lol)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Didn't Start Off so Good

I keep thinking of the 2 comrades, so to speak, who have lost their lives. How brave they were.  To be so sensitive to everything as we are all becoming is almost too much to bear.  A rare event, we had a massage 2 days ago, and forgetting to tell her to use her special oil, I had a massage using her usual oil.  Halfway through I remembered but it was too late.  
We didn't think much of it.  When we got home I was becoming hoarse and thought it was because Joe was playing with sisters dogs.  By the next morning I knew, the massage lotion.  I couldn't move. 
   Today I can move somewhat with a pain level from 15 down to 10. We seem to be able to handle pain more than those not hit with chemicals or the gas and oil industry specifically.  
  That is how careful all of us must be.  A simple massage set me back. I had been doing so good.  It took a toll on me emotionally and I'm not wishing  death but I was ready to go.  The Lord could come and take me anytime but in the meantime I was with my great hubby and trying to make it through the day.  I did, feeling a bit better and know that tomorrow I will be better.  I intend on living a long time but those "hits" can  really bring you down.  
    As we know affected health wise that those good days are a blessing and those bad days are a test and not to go down with it because it will get better.  I wear my heart on my sleeve so I share personal experiences hoping that it will help at least one person. 
   Still here, I don't think God is finished with me yet lol and be aware of EVERYTHING.
northern michigan