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Thursday, July 29, 2010


They were just assuring people up here, Chesapeake and Encana, that there couldn't be a "catastrophe" here.  Ha, welcome to the nightmare.  Enbridge should know that Hydrogen Sulfide quickly eats away at their pipelines but they just don't seem to get the hint.  In Lewiston, if they found a leak ( or we did) they would tag it and just keep track on how bad it was leaking and fix it when there is outrage from the community.  
It is 80 miles from Lake Michigan.  God help us all.  I'm so glad my family doesn't work on the Great Lakes anymore.    

Monday, July 19, 2010


Oh my Joe.  He tries so hard, husband #4.  He has been helping with putting out educational papers for those looking at Gas Leases for the Utica-Collingwood shales.  
     He cooks me breakfast every morning...oh heck he does the cooking lol.  Not so funny story this morning. Those who are hypersensitive to everything will probably just shake your heads.  The oatmeal had boiled over and put out the gas stove.  Meaning that as we were eating our oatmeal there is natural gas spewing out of the stove.  
     Now, neither of us have a good sense of smell anymore.  After about 15 minutes after eating my oatmeal I threw it all up.  That was odd.  Something wasn't right.  I yelled for Joe and told him something was wrong.  In my fogginess of it all I'm not sure who ran to the stove but the burner was on and it was not lit.  He yelled "Natural Gas Go outside!"  Before I knew it was natural gas was body felt so weak, my skin burned, my eyes burned, my chest hurt.  We work so hard to keep me safe that we forget the basics, our home.  
    After taking some breaths from my 02 bottles, that are made for oxygen bars.  Medicare won't let me have oxygen.   
   Well feeling like crap but getting better.  Watch your surroundings.  Good lesson.
Northern Michigan