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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Here we go again. Will they every learn. It IS H2S gas coming out and burning off
sulfur dioxoide.  What a flustercluck.  Man, my sister lives in UK, 3 hours west of
London, thus nearer to this mess than I prefer.
UK Watch out!

Northern Michigan

Sunday, March 25, 2012

multiple chemical sensivity

Check out this webwite, many maladies many of us have.  check it out and share. 
Still not walking but no one on Facebook volunteered to help me so who cares about
dirty floors lol, hey you have to have a sense of humor even in a wheelchair or a walker for the time being.   Enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

What we have to put up with also........

I had to go to the Emergency Room in my town of Cheboygan.  It is into bankruptcy and had a scare of a closure but I guess someone else is going to buy them.  They had already shut down OB/Peds, Intensive Care and many other things they offered. They plan (I hear) to keep the ER open but have a few beds for observation for 23 hours and then ship patient to Petoskey, larger town. I feel bad for all of those working there. We have family working there and we are so worried for them.  Well, this was my experience on March 17, my chronic myofascial pain, fibromyalgia other bone and muscle problems.  I DON'T go to ANY ER unless I am at the end of my rope.  My chiropractor friend and even my doctor insisted I go to the hospital.  My friend said I was too exhausted from fighting severe pain for almost 2 weeks.  She assured me I would be treated right, my doctor's nurse assured me he understood my hesitation but thought my body needed a break.  I waited until the next day.
  THAT BE TOLD HERE IS WHAT HAPPENED.  I was told it was in my head, couldn't believe an industry would do what it had done to my small town of Lewiston.  The doctor sat down, crossed his legs and looked like he was staying a while.  He then tried to psychoanalyze me.  Wrong thing to do, I could  far psychoanalyze him through my life experiences. 
     Thank God Joe was right there with me and had had enough of the "interrogation" I was in no shape to take.  Joe's ex wife had been exposed to floor wax stripper when she worked at the Hospital years ago and that doctor remembered it.  Once he realized, I think, that he could no longer bully me-in the nice, professional way they try to-my care was finally addressed.
    I know what I need when I get to that point I should not have had to get to.  Severe pain is stressful on the body and unnecessary these days but it still happens.
    They are good people at that hospital.  I wish the doctor's would educate themselves and make the job easier for the nurses, PA's or whoever works with them.  Your ignorance only shows by not listening to your patient.  Listen to me, I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE BUT AS LONG AS I MADE THE DECISION AFTER HOURS OR DAYS OF SUFFERING PLEASE HELP ME.  I'm sure it was written clearly on my face.  I can't hide my "bad days" very well. My friends and family know that.
will give all away usually.
    We don't want to lose our hospital so let's show them how good you are and save yourselves and the community.  You have given excellent care most of the time, don't let the ER doctor make all of you look bad, help your patient communicate with the doctor. The nurse has to be their patients advocate. Someone has to........
    After some criticism, the ER  personnel have kind hearts, just help us when we can't help ourselves at the time.