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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Please help and getting geared up

Since I see my daughter once a year, I have been working on becoming somewhat healthy to visit her.  It is hard for her to see me this way so I try to hide as much as possible.  Right now I have about 12 pounds of fluid on me.  Right leg almost twice size as left. (always the right leg it seems from those exposed over the years.   We are hoping to someone get the fluid down but only after I visit my daughter today.  Any suggestions to my medical problems at the moment would be helpful.  This has been since the exposure H2S recently.
After I see my children will I then go full force into gas/oil.  Poor De can't go back to her home in Lewiston for what they are done but she will tomorrow.  I've been told one more big hit like that with H2S I may not make it out of it again.  And I have proof it was that H2S exposure here in Michigan recently. 
I'm kinda looking forward to making some noise again and our new approach that others may find helpful.  

More later
Northern Michigan

Please help us make noise in Northern Michigan

De LIddy will be at the Lewiston/Albert Township hall thursday January 12, 2011 to have
meeting with Judy Green and express concerns over the recent H2S exposure. 
Also Chris Engle is doing a series of articles on what is going on in Lewiston/Gaylord
area.  We need you to call with your concerns or just say you have known about this for
years.  989-732-1111. 
IF YOU CAN HELP WITH THOSE 2 THINGS, BLESS YOU.  I can't go to Lewiston anymore. My barrier line
is no more south than Indian River.  I and De and others have never stopped fighting for you and us.
Please help by doing these 2 things.
Thanks and Bless you
Jaime Long Chimner
Cheboygan, MI 49721
Forcibly exposing a chemically sensitive person to the fragrances and chemicals they are reactive to is no different than physically assaulting them!
Jaime L. Long "Big Oil in Small Town America"  my beeswax lip balm

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Another Story-9 PEOPLE DIED

I was told by a very reputable person to read this. The pictures aren't there but here is the
article.  Thanks Dot.

Worker gets 3rd-degree burns in Dover Township well fire

Worker gets 3rd-degree burns in Dover Township well fire

The horror never stops.

Christmas Eve gas leak identified as toxic hydrogen sulfide

Christmas Eve gas leak identified as toxic hydrogen sulfide

Finally found a reporter who is going to a series of stories on this.
There is more than hydrofracking going on in Michigan.
and see all our gas, antrim, and hydrofracking wells. How many more leaks
do they have to have before they release they have to do maintenance
on these. Thank you Gaylord for doing this story and Breitburn, you haven't met
the women from Northern Michigan that you, the company you bought and the DEQ,
You may now!
You exposed me to H2S AGAIN Michigan ....Have the physical proof this time.
Stay safe Michigan, there are more out there!