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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Didn't Start Off so Good

I keep thinking of the 2 comrades, so to speak, who have lost their lives. How brave they were.  To be so sensitive to everything as we are all becoming is almost too much to bear.  A rare event, we had a massage 2 days ago, and forgetting to tell her to use her special oil, I had a massage using her usual oil.  Halfway through I remembered but it was too late.  
We didn't think much of it.  When we got home I was becoming hoarse and thought it was because Joe was playing with sisters dogs.  By the next morning I knew, the massage lotion.  I couldn't move. 
   Today I can move somewhat with a pain level from 15 down to 10. We seem to be able to handle pain more than those not hit with chemicals or the gas and oil industry specifically.  
  That is how careful all of us must be.  A simple massage set me back. I had been doing so good.  It took a toll on me emotionally and I'm not wishing  death but I was ready to go.  The Lord could come and take me anytime but in the meantime I was with my great hubby and trying to make it through the day.  I did, feeling a bit better and know that tomorrow I will be better.  I intend on living a long time but those "hits" can  really bring you down.  
    As we know affected health wise that those good days are a blessing and those bad days are a test and not to go down with it because it will get better.  I wear my heart on my sleeve so I share personal experiences hoping that it will help at least one person. 
   Still here, I don't think God is finished with me yet lol and be aware of EVERYTHING.
northern michigan

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